Building Our Network Mapping Muscles

Building Our Network Mapping Muscles

On Wednesday March 16th Katy Mamen and Paul van der Cingel held a webinar on “Building Our Network Mapping Muscles.”  For those of you who weren’t able to attend the session, we are making the video available as part of the resource packet on network mapping. This resource packet also includes a more detailed slide deck than the one shown in the video.

Many other mapping resources were mentioned in the chat.  

  • Many people use to visualize their mapping data. There are tutorials on their site and Christine Capra (Greater than the sum) can help.
  •  NodeXL has a focus on using twitter and Facebook data as a way to surface relationships in larger groups. 
  • There is a community of practice for network mappers. You can sign up here
  • June Holley shared a set of sample questions you can use in a survey    Christine Capra added,  “A pair of questions that’s been really useful in some networks I’ve worked with are ‘what are the opportunities you’re seeing?’ and ‘what challenges are you facing?’”
  • There are 6 additional mapping resources here.

You can contact presenters at katy at, p.van.der.cingel at and christine.capra at

Download the full resource – including the slide deck and PDF with link to webinar, HERE. OR Access the webinar directly, HERE.