Carlo Monsanto

Carlo Monsanto

Carlo guides emergent ecosystem transformation by helping individuals within that ecosystem internally resolve (behavioral) patterns that keep them from empathically, transparently, and consciously relating to self and each other. His present work focuses on guiding cross-cultural and transdisciplinary collaboratives, basing himself on the – IOLEE – Inside Out Learning Experience Ecosystem – learning framework, diagnostics, complexity modeling, facilitation, and educational methods, and capacity building to cultivate system-wide outcomes relating to: collaboration, co-conscious community, system-change, resilience, wellbeing, and circular-prosperity.

He is involved in curriculum design, (exec) mentoring, certification training, transdisciplinary research, development of a technology framework, and developing communities of practice that attend to cultivating well-being and conscious community. What’s more, he feels deeply motivated to contribute to weaving networks of weavers to collaboratively transform our planet.

Carlo is an original thinker, international director of IOLEE ECOSYSTEM (, and a research scholar affiliated with the Ronin Institute ( He earned an: honorary Ph.D. for his work developing the intrinsic learning and other related frameworks and complexity modeling; Master of Science in Ayurveda / Psychology; Bachelor of Arts in Health Science. He also has an engineering background; was trained in: Tae-kwon-do, Wudang Taichi Chuan, Qigong; indigenous practice of Ayurvedic and Yoga-therapy. As a result of a deeply harmonizing process, Carlo described and further systematized the IOLEE framework for first-person or intrinsic learning and research, and is its main proponent. 

Carlo was born in Amsterdam, is a citizen and was raised in The Netherlands and Curacao (Dutch Caribbean), is a citizen of India, lived in the Republic of Panama, and is a resident of the USA, and Colombia. He now lives in Medellin in Colombia with his wife Andrea, daughter Angela, and son Aaron. 

He speaks fluent Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamento, and understands Portuguese, and Hindi. 

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