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The Network Weaver Consultants Network is a loosely affiliated group of consultants who provide a wide range of network services for organizations, networks and communities. Some of the consultants have taken a 5-month intensive practicum on network consulting led by June Holley and Kristin Johnstad.

However, there is no vetting process for this page: anyone who has experience can put their name on this site. Make sure you contact the consultants directly to access more detail about their experience, interests and availability.

The map below shows the Network Weaver Consultants and Services.  Click and hold on a consultant’s node to focus on who they’re affiliated with and what service they provide, click and hold on a service node to focus on which of the consultants provides that service.

Keep scrolling past the map for the consultants’ bios.

Deborah Fishman

Deborah Fishman works in communications and community-building as a writer and network-weaver. An entrepreneur and chef, Deborah is also the founder of FED (, a platform for ideas built into an inclusive community. She is a member of multiple…

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Karen Tronsgard-Scott

Karen Tronsgard-Scott is working toward a world in which all people thrive. Currently, she is focused on building solidarity with others who live to end violence across social spectrums with…

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Saida Agostini

Saida Agostini is a movement builder, activist and poet. The Chief Operating Officer for FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, she supports FORCE in sustaining and expanding its organizational capacity to foster survivor led…

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Ramelcy Uribe

Ramelcy Uribe is a Black Dominicana from The South Bronx! She is a youth worker and consciousness-raising educator. You can find her facilitating workshops, healing circles, and supporting curriculum writing at Brown…

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Danielle M. Varda, PhD

Danielle M. Varda, PhD is the CEO of Visible Network Labs and an Associate Professor at the University of CO Denver in the School of Public Affairs. Dr. Varda directs VNL’s data science…

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Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Openly, an impact strategy and research company committed to social good. Lisa is a social impact strategist with 20 years of experience designing,…

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Sarah Ann Shanahan

Sarah Ann Shanahan has worked for the RE-AMP Network for ten years. She currently serves as the Network’s Community Manager where she facilitates the collaboration of members through connections, collective…

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Bruce Hoppe

Bruce Hoppe, PhD, founder and president of Connective Associates, is an experienced consultant with a passion for customer service and translating data into bottom line impact. A creative problem solver…

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Pedro Portela

Pedro Portela was born and raised in Porto, Portugal where he studied mechanical engineering. After almost a decade in the aerospace sector working as COO and systems engineer, he quit…

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