Movement NetLab

Movement NetLab

Movement NetLab is a think, make, and do tank that supports social movements to transform power into a just, democratic, and liberatory world. We develop ideas, people, and infrastructure to facilitate a transition to networked self-organized systems.

Network mapping:

  • Initial Assessment: We will assess whether a mapping process will be useful for you and your network.
  • Build a foundational map based on existing info: Sometimes all the information is in your head, or on your computer already and all you need to do is turn it into an image that is easier to analyze. We can help you do that.
  • Design a survey: We can help your network or organization design a survey that will create data for a network map. In this scenario, your organization or network will administer the survey itself.
  • Social Media Map: Visualizing social media campaigns, hashtag or handles.


Netlab 101: introduction to networked social movements: What is a decentralized, self organized movement network? What are they made of and how are they built? [1.5 – 4hrs]

  • Training For Trainers: How can your own leaders become well-versed in network methods, and be ready to train others? [1 month of weekly sessions]
  • Coaching: Coaching your network facilitators or catalyst group as you begin a decentralization process.
  • Strategy, design and resourcing: Collaborative process to develop a network strategy, network design and network resourcing for your movement.

Communities of Practice:

Trainings: We include 3-day long trainings and 3 hour webinars that can be adapted and adjusted for particular communities.

  • Skill and experience sharing – We learn the most from each of our experiments and experiences. A vital part of communities of practice is creating space and time for networks to share what they are learning with each other.
  • One on one coaching – We provide network coaching as part of this communities of practice
  • Network assessment and mapping – we use various tools to understand how a network is currently structured and how it changes over time.

Organizing and Facilitation:

Facilitation Support for Network or Group process: We can provide outside facilitation support for a group process.

  • Designing and Facilitating Network process: We can consult on how to design a network wide process as well as provide facilitation for the process itself.
  • Facilitate the development of communication systems and decision-making structures
  • Reflection and Learning: Reflection is key to iterative development. We offer outside facilitation in order to successfully reflect and learn from an action, process, or other network event.
  • Facilitating and Implementing Movement Network Practice: Facilitating tools and practices with network catalysts so they can take these practices back to their networks.


  • Communications ecosystem inventory: What tools and practices are needed to facilitate the expansion and momentum of a more networked movement? (Technology overview from mobile apps to movement-wide platforms; includes training on conference calling systems and/or Adobe Connect with breakout groups).
  • Network Platform Design: We can help convene a working group to design, or customize, new network platforms for decentralized communication.
  • Speaking: We offer keynotes on networks and social movements. Please contact us for more information.

Content & Materials

  • We can write white papers, articles and case studies
  • We develop materials, videos, handbooks and toolkits on networks and movements

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