Having a group or network take a values survey raises awareness of the values and behaviors that enable networks to be system shifting or transformational.

Network Weaver has published a Network Values Module. Within this module are links to two web-based network values surveys, along with instructions. Also included are printable versions of the network values surveys and a printable flyer of a compiled list of Network Values.

Download the free module HERE


The purpose of having a group or network take a values survey is that it raises awareness of the values and behaviors that enable networks to be system shifting or transformational.  It also gives clear information about the specific value areas where they  need to work together to help each other shift to more network ways of being.  People take the survey, immediately see the aggregated results, and work together to develop strategies for shifting challenge areas.

It’s extremely valuable for groups of networks to take the survey every six months (or even more often at first) so that they can see the progress they have made in shifting to network values and identify areas that still need attention.

There are two values surveys in this module. 

  • #1 Network Values Checklist  
  • #2 Network Values Dashboard (for individuals and organizations)

The first one is for individuals. It is used to help individuals identify the areas where they are already behaving from network values.  You can have the group aggregate the results of everyone who took the survey so that they can see to what degree they as a group or network have shifted to network values and behaviors.

The second survey has two versions of each question. The first asks the individual about their values. The second asks the individual to rate how their organization ranks in reflecting this value or behavior. Usually the participants will score higher than their organizations. This survey helps people recognize that they cannot simply shift their own values, but need to work with their organizations to shift the entire organizational culture – if they want to be transformative in their impact.

Download the Networks Value Module HERE