Post-it Note Mapping Module


This module includes directions for 5 different processes for mapping your network and directions for using Google Jamboard  –  a great tool for introducing people to network mapping which can be done collaboratively during a zoom session.



This Module includes the following files:
  1. Directions for Hand drawn Mapping
  2. Hand drawn network maps – a good starting point
  3. Map Drawing Activity for groups at tables
  4. Map Drawing Activity for Communities
  5. Map Drawing Activity for core groups
  6. Map Drawing Activity for individuals
  7. Mapping networks you want to connect and support
  8. Using Jamboard for Network Mapping
  9. How To Use The Web Version Of Jamboard
Many networks want to generate network maps but don’t have the resources and/or time to invest in computer software of web-based mapping platforms. A consultant to help you generate these types of maps can cost $5-10,000 and take up to three months to survey and map your network.
There is another alternative and I encourage networks to try it. This is to produce simple network maps using Post It notes, Google Jamboard or by drawing on a large piece of paper.  We have compiled a free resource module that includes directions for 5 different processes for mapping your network. The direction sheet can help you figure out which process is best for your network.  Each set of directions also includes questions you can ask the group to help them analyze and make sense of the map or maps they generate.
The pictures below show examples of many different groups and give you a sense of how different the maps can look!

Although hand drawn maps do not have the detail and nuance of web-based network maps, they do help people visualize their network and start to take responsibility  for making their networks healthier and more effective. They can see who is missing and reach out to invite in under represented groups. They can notice if one person or a small group is too central and has become a bottleneck or gatekeeper. They can see types of groups or organizations that are not well-connected.
If you try one of the mapping processes, please let us know how it went. Did it help people in your group better understand their network?


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