Seeding Futures for Wellbeing


Catalyzing Collective Imagination

How do we nurture positive futures in place, caring for Country, protecting our diverse ecosystems and ensuring that future generations will thrive in vibrant, healthy communities?

offered by Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation



This compendium is a response to the essay penned by The Hon Dr Jim Chalmers MP for The Monthly in February 2023.
Our team at Griffith Centre for Systems Innovation (GCSI – formerly The Yunus Centre) was inspired by the Capitalism after the 3 Crises topic, and decided to approach a diverse group of potential collaborators (see below) to come together around the theme.
Seeding Positive Futures
– A Collective Imagination Starter Pack – How might we catalyse collective imaginations for positive futures? – Understanding the imagination landscape
We were interested to explore what we might together as a group be able to generate by way of practical (HOW) suggestions that could support the vision and sentiment outlined in the essay. We gathered on March 16th, 2023, before and after CEDA’s Major Address lunch held that day, and also ‘listened together’ to the Treasurer’s address at the event.
On the day and over the intervening period, we’ve worked to develop this response. We offer this in the spirit of being ‘in conversation’ with the Monthly essay and the Treasurer’s efforts to promote a values-based capitalism agenda, potentially as an important legacy of his tenure.
We hope to continue this conversation and offer our support to deepening and strengthening both conceptual and practical understandings of what it would take to affect systems-shifts along this trajectory.


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