Toolkits and Workbooks – Self-Organizing and Systems Change


A package of toolkits and workbooks to assist your networks and collaborative projects in systems change and self-organizing.

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Toolkits and Workbooks Free Resources Package
Self-Organizing and Systems Change
Folder a:
  1. Blueprints for Change Manual
  2. Decentralized Organizing in Moments of Crisis
  3. Design Principles For Clever Network Actions
  4. Leading Culture and Systems Change
  5. Movement Building Canvas 
  6. Network Building Canvas
Folder b:
  1. Network Toolkit (offered by Converge)
  2. Network Toolkit for Network Weavers
  3. Power of Networks: Interconnectedness Drives Change
  4. Powerful Questions for Purposeful Leaders
  5. Principles for Ecosystem Governance
  6. Self-Organizing Toolkit
  7. Toolkit for Self-Organizing
Folder c:
  1. Social Change Networks Playbook
  2. SYSTEMS CHANGE & DEEP EQUITY: Pathways Toward Sustainable Impact, Beyond “Eureka!,” Unawareness & Unwitting Harm
  3. Understanding Movements
Folder d:
  1. Value And Impact Of The Purpose Built Community Of Practice: 2019-2021 


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