Root. Rise. Pollinate! : APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!

Root.  Rise.  Pollinate! : APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!

JUNE 1st  – JUNE 5th, 2020

Inaugural Lab in Embodied Feminist Leadership

Upstate New York


Root, Rise, Pollinate!  is a strategic project of Movement Strategy Center’s Transitions Initiative. Our aim is to catalyze and nurture a transnational community of feminist human rights advancers, organizers and movement builders using embodied practice for social transformation.  

In this multi-day intensive we will imagine and practice ways of being that are needed to pivot from cultures of domination and violence towards cultures of healing, collective thriving, and spirit-rootedness.

We will learn and co-create practices, in a collaborative, peer inspired, environment that enable:

  •  Embodied discovery of self and collective awareness,
  •  Alignment our actions and strategies with our values and purpose,
  •  Cultivation of liberating relationships and collaborations, and
  • Generation of stories of thriving that advance our visions and a worldview shift.

We invite people, collaborators and organizations to apply, including those who are:

  • emerging leaders, especially: women of color, non-binary, queer and trans, disabled 
  • ready to move and do it through mind, body, spirit work
  • ready to deepen their understanding of what it will take for feminist organizers, human rights advancers and movement work that engages the mind, body and spirit builders to build confidence to take on collective embodied practices that interrupt patterns of domination and transform themselves and others? 
  • willing to share and learn from and with everyone in the room
  • under the age of 35 (we aim for an intergenerational group with 50% participation under 35)

This will be a 4 day commitment and will take place in a beautiful, comfortable retreat space embedded in nature.