Updates and Events from Visible Network Labs

Updates and Events from Visible Network Labs

When it comes to working with networks, there’s a better way of organizing than by intuition and gut alone. We at Visible Network Labs believe that network science, the study of interconnected relationships, has a great deal of insight to bring to the table in networks and collaborative environments. Our Learning Lab is part of our effort to make these network science lessons accessible to our users and partners. By integrating these lessons into your network strategy, you can improve your process and outcomes for social impact.

In our September “Networks Newsletter,” we focused on new Learning Lab events, online courses and other resources we’re introducing soon at Visible Network Labs. There are also new blogs, infographics, webinars and other great resources and opportunities for learning like Office Hours and our Web Demos – dig in and enjoy! ….

Fall greetings from Visible Network Labs! We have a number of new resources and announcements to share with this amazing community! Today we are highlighting the exciting things going on in the VNL Learning Lab.

We are most excited to announce the First Annual Network Innovation Summit (NIS) May 18th, which will precede our 8th Annual Network Leadership Training Academy (NLTA) May 19-20, 2020 in Denver, CO. The NIS is the forum discover the Future of Networks and will showcase speakers and workshops for insights, innovations and new pathways for working in and across networks.

And because we have so many requests for it – the VNL Learning Lab has made the commitment and are working hard to launch our first online course next spring on “Developing Data-Driven Network Strategies for Impact and Outcomes” which will follow the PARTNER method for using network science to create network strategies, identify the metrics to test them, and build actionable strategies. Launching Spring 2020!

Office Hours are your monthly opportunity to chat with our team in an informal setting. Join us to ask questions, get feedback, and share ideas! Our next session is October 10th. LEARN MORE
We host monthly live web demos of our PARTNER Platform for social network analysis. See the features and functionality and get your questions answered in real-time.  LEARN MORE
The VNL Network Leadership Webinar Series brings  you the skills and knowledge you need to build, manage and evaluate networks! View the Webinar Archive of two dozen presentations for free. LEARN MORE