Your Invitation to the Systems Thinking Academy!

Your Invitation to the Systems Thinking Academy!

Dear social-change colleagues,

The motto of the RE-AMP Network is “Think Systemically, Act Collaboratively.” Both of these things are increasingly important as we strive for a better world. Every year, we host a Systems Thinking Academy to help our members develop tools they need to effectively intervene in complex situations. This year, due to demand, we are opening it up to non-members as well. This three-day event will be an intensive introduction into the theory and practice of Systems Thinking. It will take place in Chaska, Minnesota, from May 27-29. (Chaska is just outside Minneapolis.)

Registration will be open through March 20, but space is limited so we suggest you register as soon as you know you want to attend. Previous participants have described it as the “best professional development experience of my life,” “a great resource for anyone wrestling with a complex situation,” and said that “the combination of different tools was brilliant!” 

What Can You Expect to Learn at the RE-AMP Academy?

On the first day (which begins at 8:30), we will do an introduction to Systems Thinking, and then move into an appreciation of the dynamic inter-dependencies at work in complex systems.

 On the second day we will explore the ways that various perspectives impact our system definitions and how we can bring clarity to the boundaries of our systems. On the third and final day, we will talk about tools used by system thinkers to manage change amidst all this complexity.

Who Should Attend?

This event will be geared toward people who are enthusiastic about developing their skills as systems thinkers. You don’t need previous study of the field of Systems Thinking, but you should be someone who enjoys complexity. You will want to bring an actual complex challenge to work through. Our RE-AMP Network is focused on climate change, but your complex challenge can be from any arena, so long as you are working toward a greater good. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions! And remember to register early!

Gail Francis
Strategic Director, RE-AMP Network