Closing Triangles

Closing Triangles

Today’s free resource is a diagram showing how to close triangles that you can print out and share with your network so they learn this basic network weaving skill. One of the simplest – and most powerful – ways to weave a network is by closing triangles. 

Often the first step is when someone you know comes to you with a need or interest. Or you meet someone new and ask questions to find out their needs, interests and skills.  You then think about people you know who could help this person with their need, have an interest in common, or who could benefit from the skills of this new acquaintance.

For example, you might know a senior who wants to learn new tech skills, such as using zoom or google docs and you also know a college student who wants to practice showing people how to use technology.

The next step is to bring the two people together. It’s great if you can be part of the introduction and can set up a time for the two to meet, perhaps at a local coffee shop or community center. During the conversation, you might ask each to share a little about themselves and have each talk about their interest in technology. They will generally move to how they can help each other quite naturally. You might want to help them set up a second time to meet if that is appropriate.

closing triangles

Your goal, however, is for them to continue their relationship without you being in the middle (hence the dotted lines in the diagram). this way you have time to close many more triangles in your networks!

We’d love to hear in the comments any ways that you use the closing triangles diagram

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