Governance is how we choose to be together

Governance is how we choose to be together

An illustrated story of liberatory governance practice

Storytelling — like governance — can take many forms.

When choosing new ways of being together, we begin with ourselves — in our bodies, hearts, spirits. The choice to be in governance rooted in mutual care is an embodied one. Once it rests within us, the practice begins.

Accordingly, the story of governance practice is a multi-sensory one. It takes shape in the colors, textures, voices, sounds, and sensations of our beloved communities — it is multi-dimensional.

Last year, a group of worldbuilders came together with a shared commitment to collective liberation — and the governance principles we’ll need to bring it into being. Together, we moved through a series of clinics to deepen our collective governance practice.

What follows is a constellation of words, images, and musical offerings to describe this journey into liberatory governance. These images are the work of our beloved Adriana Contreras Correal of On the Right Mind. Deep gratitude to Adriana for sharing her gifts with us.

We invite you to enjoy our practice playlist and delve into the story below…

A constellation of music from our deep dive into liberatory governance — check out the soundtrack here.

Collective governance begins with a choice: to commit to the ways of being that enable all beings to thrive:

Transformation begins when it’s personal: once we’ve committed to collective governance, we begin by grounding in place. Our work begins at home:

As our practice takes root, we continue illuminating the path toward what is possible, by narrating our visions for our communities into story:

Holding close to our stories of liberatory futures, we focus in on policies and actions we will need to sustain a world beyond violence — a world where all beings can thrive:

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