How to build your network skills and approaches

How to build your network skills and approaches

Collective Mind is on a mission – to equip network leaders and managers with the skills and approaches to make their networks effective and impactful. 

We exist because we believe in the power of networks to foster collective action, especially in support of systems change and addressing hard, complex problems. We also know from our firsthand experience that operating within a network environment requires different strategies, approaches, skills, and tools than those we use in more traditional organizations. 

In our discussions with network leaders and managers, they’ve told us that they seek support, connections, and tools. Previous research told us that network managers don’t always come to their roles with network experience and that limited professional development opportunities exist to improve understanding and build skills. 

Our goal is to fill these gaps by creating learning opportunities for network practitioners to improve their practice. 

Collective Mind’s Virtual Summer Camp is a major opportunity to build your skills and approaches, with thoughtful, comprehensive frameworks to understand networks, access to experts and in-depth discussions on network topics, and peer connections through learning circles and networking opportunities.

Virtual Summer Camp runs over three weeks starting July 12th. The schedule is designed to accommodate busy schedules and workloads, and campers can choose to join the first two core weeks or all three weeks. Building on the experience of our inaugural camp in 2020, this year’s camp promises to be an incredible opportunity for participants to learn, connect, and improve their practice.

We hope you’ll join us!

Collective Mind seeks to build the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of networks and the people who work for and with them. We believe that the way to solve the world’s most complex problems is through collective action – and that networks, in the ways that they organize people and organizations around a shared purpose, are the fit-for-purpose organizational model to harness resources, views, strengths, and assets to achieve that shared purpose.

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