Kimberley Jutze

Kimberley Jutze

Kimberley Jutze is the founder of Shifting Patterns Consulting, a Certified B Corporation that helps changemaker leaders get their colleagues on the same page and put collaborative processes in place to achieve greater impact.  Her company applies organizational and human systems processes that enable organizations collaborating at the intersection of social, economic, and environmental justice solve problems that prevent people from working well together in ways that stay solved.  This involves pinpointing the underlying causes of poor performance and unhealthy conflict, building the commitment to take effective action, supporting people in coming up with their own solutions, and putting a support system in place to monitor improved performance.

Kimberley has extensive experience working with networks, alliances, coalitions, and associations from those that are newly formed to well-established to determine their strategic direction, clarify roles and responsibilities, and create supportive structures and processes for achieving collective goals.  She excels in forming trusting, collaborative relationships with clients and coaching leaders on best practices for strengthening collaboration between organizations.  Her skill sets include: organization development, leadership and team coaching, training and skills building, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning.  Kimberley has a Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University and a Master of Arts in International Politics from American University.

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