7 Tips for Managing Virtual Meetings with Care during a Pandemic


By Kiara Nagel

Strategies for managing virtual meetings with care, including specific examples of how to practice each tip in your work.


From the Author, Kiara Nagel:
As a professional facilitator and trainer in online and in-person spaces, I have found myself supporting colleagues and loved ones as they move work online, often onto new tech platforms and with new methods all while managing their own existence during a pandemic. Recognizing the strain this shift to online collaborative work has put on so many, I wanted to offer some tips for managing virtual meetings with extra love and care, making sure to leave room for a new collective existence to unfold. In the meantime, here are 7 tips for managing virtual meetings with care during a pandemic.
Contents of Article:
  1. Prep with Love – Ideas for prepping virtual meetings with love:
  2. Don’t Go it Alone. Have a Copilot – Roles your copilot can play in the meeting:
  3. Prioritize People and Relationships – Ideas for prioritizing people and relationships in virtual meetings:
  4. Get Creative – Ideas for creative engagement in virtual meetings:
  5. Remember You Have a Body – Ideas for practicing more embodied virtual meetings:
  6. Celebrate What Works, Change What Doesn’t – Ideas for celebrating what works, changing what doesn’t:
  7. Keep it Short, Keep ’em Coming Back. – Ideas for keeping it short in virtual meetings:


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