A Framework For Universal Well Being


How can people become empowered to live for universal wellbeing?

by The Weaving Lab



The Framework would not have come about without the contributions from change leaders around the world. Informed by thousands of conversations with some of the world’s most visionary thinkers and practitioners, it has been impossible to find words that perfectly accommodate everyone’s unique perspective or chosen language. The Framework should be read, therefore, as a synthesis of interconnected and overlapping ideas, and as a work in progress that will improve with constructive critique. THE FRAMEWORK 1. UNIVERSAL WELLBEING What does it mean to thrive? 2. THRIVING IN THE NEW WORLD What do we have to contend with to move towards Universal Wellbeing? 3. BEING WELL AND DOING GOOD How does human action influence Universal Wellbeing? 4. BEING EMPOWERED TO PRACTICE CHANGEMAKING What does it mean to live for Universal Wellbeing? 5. BECOMING EMPOWERED TO PRACTICE CHANGEMAKING How do people become empowered to live for Universal Wellbeing? 6. EMPOWERING LEARNING ECOSYSTEMS What systemic changes are necessary to empower everyone to live for Universal Wellbeing? 7. WEAVING EMPOWERING LEARNING ECOSYSTEMS How will systems change?
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