Ontwerpprincipes voor slimme netwerkacties



A dutch translation of Design Principles for Clever Network Actions
Some people believe that in order to move a network to action all you need is an energizing network meeting with motivated and capable people. Alas, it usually takes more than that. Self-organization does not emerge automatically. Quite a lot of network weavers have learned that it takes time, effort and skill to help people to move to action. People might feel awkward to take action in networks for a variety of reasons, e.g. lack of trust, or Curtis Ogden’s “folded arms syndrome”, where skepticism is key. Other people might struggle with the fact that in network movements, actions often cannot be planned the SMART way (i.e. Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-bound). This slide-deck offers some design principles for network actions that foster a culture of self organization. Not the SMART way, but definitely in a clever way.
As with a lot of network resources, this one is work-in-progress, too. You can help improve it by sending us your feedback and other user experiences.
by Paul van der Cingel  


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