Powerful Questions for Purposeful Leaders


A workbook of themed questions inspiring change from the inside out: first focusing on gaining inner clarity and then translating it into outer action.

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‘A paradigm shift occurs when a question is asked inside the current paradigm that can only be answered from outside it.’  Marilee Goldberg


The power of questions

At Unity Effect, we love questions. Questions can support us to access our curiosity and creativity and to think outside our usual frame of reference. Questions can empower and support us and our teams to learn, grow and discover both our blindspots and our potential. They are a central tool on our journey to grow as a leader and change agent.


How to use this book

We want to offer you some powerful questions to guide you. Each week there is a central theme, and for each day of that week there is a question related to that theme. You can journal on one question a day, or all questions at once, or you might simply choose one or two questions which resonate the most. There is no right or wrong way to use this book, just as there are no right and wrong answers to the questions.

It is up to you how exactly you use this book. You may like to work with it digitally and enter your responses straight into the PDF. You may also like to print it out so that you can write by hand. Or you might like to use a separate journal so that you have more space to write.

  Add this product to your cart or download directly from Unity Effect HERE


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