Seed + Spark


“This Book is written for the person who is holding it.

In the pages that follow, we identify seven principles of the natural world that enable all living systems to thrive, and provide illustrative case studies and  actionable ideas to help you apply those principles to the creation of living schools, workplaces and social structures. ” 

A collaboration between 180 STUDIO and ECKENHOFF SAUNDERS.


Sam Chaltain produced the wonderful book Seed + Spark as part of a collaboration between 180 STUDIO and ECKENHOFF SAUNDERS.

Sam is offering the book at no cost in pdf format, but you may want to splurge on a paper copy – it’s that wonderful!

The Table of Contents reveals the breadth of topics covered:

The authors’ preface outlines the path they will take:

You can download the pdf of the book HERE.


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