Self-Organizing Case Study


A case study reviewing the role of Network Weavers in Self-Organizing Structures.



“Most organizations are like trees. They can grow very large but they are also vulnerable – once they are chopped down, that’s it. They’re gone. Contrast this to a baboon forest. Each bamboo can grow larger, but the interesting this is that if you feed one bamboo see extra fertilizer, the huge network of rhizome that connect all the plants in that forest will cart some of that nutrient of to other plants. And , if one of the taboo stalks is chopped down, nutrients from the network will be available so that another sprout can form to fill that vacuum. Now the network of bamboo doesn’t all get together for a meeting to decide how to share. The flow, the structure of the network, is such that it supports the distribution of resources. Network Weavers The secret sauce, the secret structure of networks that makes them work so well, is the role of Network Weaver. A Network Weaver is a person who takes responsibility for making networks work.”