Sarah Ann Shanahan

Sarah Ann Shanahan
Sarah Ann Shanahan has worked for the RE-AMP Network for ten years. She currently serves as the Network’s Community Manager where she facilitates the collaboration of members through connections, collective strategy setting, and capacity building.
Her primary skills are in facilitation and meeting planning but has also been leading the work to develop and use a social systems map for the RE-AMP Network. She’s an Associate of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and co-developed a Systems Thinking Academy Curriculum for the Network drawing from the Institute, previous RE-AMP System Thinking Academies and Fasterthan20.
Her prior work experience includes campaign organizer, campaign coordinator for a five state initiative, canvass director, and served six years as a locally elected municipal clerk. 
She a first generation college graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from UW-Madison, and lives in rural Western Wisconsin near her family’s farm. In her free time she loves riding horse or enjoying a cold Wisconsin brew!

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  1. Hey there, I just sent an email to Gail Francis about some equity lessons and she asked if I knew you. I don’t but it makes sense for us to connect for 30 min via phone/video conference. We are both:
    -network weavers (with June and others)
    -HSD associates
    -connected to western WI
    Let me know if you have 30 min before the snow flies or the end of this year

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