Weaving Together a World Without Violence

Weaving Together a World Without Violence

The Medicine Cards

Companion to the healing cookbook, the medicine card deck is arranged into five suits: invocationsprinciplesingredientsrecipes and wild card.

These cards are designed to invoke the senses as well as the intellect, through visual representation, inquiry, and invitations to practice physical movement; they challenge the user to engage in the world differently.

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The Healing Cookbook

Companion to the medicine cards, the healing cookbook provides more detailed information about the principlesingredients and recipes and how they might be used.

The cookbook also links these elements to the learnings and tools put forth by our mentors, partners and wisdom keepers in the field.

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These resources were co-created by sixteen California-based network leaders who participated in the Network Weaver Learning Lab, which was an 18-month program created through a partnership between Change Elemental and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Find the original posts for these resources at these sites:



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