You are invited to an interactive webinar on network mapping on March 16th

An introduction from June Holley

Some time ago I connected Katy and Paul, as they were both interested in new approaches to mapping. After further conversations they decided to collaborate (which I affectionately call a “Twosie”) on a slide deck that presents their approaches – which is just what I always hope will happen with an introduction!

 The thing I particularly love about their work – and why I think you should come to this workshop – is that they understand that the real power of network mapping comes when the network itself has a chance to make sense of the maps and use them to improve their network.

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Building Our Network Mapping Muscles: Perspectives on the effective use of network maps

the upcoming webninar:

Network maps are a powerful tool for accelerating connection and impact in network activities. Discerning what type of network map fits best for the network’s needs, as well as taking thoughtful steps to make the maps most deeply serve their intended purpose, are important considerations for network weavers and members alike.

In this Network Weaving Institute-sponsored session, network practitioners Paul van der Cingel (Windesheim UAS, The Netherlands) and Katy Mamen (Water Bear Collaborative, USA) will share lessons learned from several learning and impact networks they have worked with. June Holley will open the session with some remarks about the emerging field, and following the speakers’ presentation, participants will have an opportunity to share and discuss additional lessons learned about building effective networks. 

Wed Mar 16, 2022 2pm – 3pm Eastern / 11am – 12pm Pacific

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the Slide Deck Resource:

This slide deck was inspired by an earlier presentation on the Network Weaver website about the Innovation Learning Network (a network of hospital systems across the U.S.), which implemented a highly effective strategy to use their network maps. 

A central message of the Innovation Learning Network resource is that “network mapping needs to be combined with a strategy for engaging network participants in interpreting the maps and then developing strategies for connecting people in the network and drawing in new participants.”  Building on the ILN’s learning, this resource offers additional perspectives on: 

  • different types of network maps and their utility for different applications
  • high-leverage ways to make the most of your maps.

Access the slide deck HERE

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Katy Mamen is Principal at Water Bear Collaborative, a consultancy that supports individuals, organizations, and networks to envision and implement system-informed strategies that effectively address the complex and interconnected challenges of our time. Katy passionate about participatory change-making approaches that account for the complexity of multiple, interconnectedness crises and diverse lived experiences.

Katy is a Fellow of the Academy for Systems Change, Senior Partner at Ag Innovations, and a member of the Network Weaver Consultants Network. She has an MSc in Holistic Science (with Distinction) from Schumacher College in the UK and a BSc (Honours, First Class) in Physical Geography from McGill University in Montreal. Katy lives in a land-based intentional community in Northern California, where she has honed her consensus decision-making skills over the past 15 years. 

Paul van der Cingel started out as an economist with an honours degree from Tilburg University. 

He holds a parttime position as Intrapreneur at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, focused on designing, testing and implementing new ways to foster education on complexity. 

He contributed to the Network Science in Education Initiative (NetSciEd) by initiating their Concepts & Ideas Brochure translation movement, out of which 18 translations have emerged up till now. See here.

Outside of Windesheim University, Paul is an independent trainer and consultant. You can reach out to Paul:

By sending an e-mail to: p.van.der.cingel@windesheim.nlor on social media via LinkedIn.