Freeing Up Your Time for Transformation

Freeing Up Your Time for Transformation

As was mentioned in Monday’s post, the sense of urgency is a major impediment keeping our networks from being transformative. I’d add busyness to that:  having endless to do lists that keep us stressed and leave no time for the kind of deep reflection and learning that we need to really make progress on the complex problems we are trying to solve. 


Many years ago when I did a bit of executive coaching I created a worksheet to help people track what they were doing and then analyze each day’s activities to identify what they really were passionate about, what activities were really making a difference and what activities they could take off their list because they weren’t really important or making a difference.

Most of my clients said they ended up taking at least a quarter of the items off their to do lists, freeing up time for more collaboration and learning. It’s a great idea to do this worksheet with others in your workplace or collaborative project.

Find this worksheet on the Resources page: HERE

Let us know in the comments how this worksheet worked for you and feel free to make suggestions for improvements!