Knowledge Sharing for Collective Growth

Knowledge Sharing for Collective Growth

June Holley, international network weaving consultant for over 40 years, shared her wisdom and expertise in an interview with Lorenz Sell on Knowledge Sharing for Collective Growth at this year’s Transformational Learning Summit.

What follow are the topics discussed in the interview.


  • Transformation is an ongoing relational process, not a destination or state. It involves co-creating a world that is good for all through our relationships and interactions.

  • Transformation creates something different in each place, through co-creating and learning together.

Learning Communities

  • Are a key venue for transformation by practicing new relational processes (“microprocesses”) and shifting worldviews.

  • Learning communities need to connect learning to practice in communities.

  • They involve collaboratives sharing approaches, innovations, and failures to learn together.

  • Learning communities can help shift from goal/planning orientation to prioritizing learning.

Network Weaving

  • Involves paying attention to relationships, inclusion, connections and learning.

  • Network weaving is about making relationships and networks healthier and more caring.

  • It involves identifying who is marginalized and reaching out to connect them.

  • Network maps help identify what’s missing in a network.

Knowledge Weaving

  • Is needed to better capture and share learning between networks and communities.

  • Requires people focused on harvesting and sharing knowledge/learning.

  • Needs exploration of how to make learning tangible and shareable.


  • Happens when people see needs, find others interested, experiment, learn and share results.

  • Comes from everyone building skills, capacities, initiative and co-creating.

  • Requires leaders focused on helping others develop leadership skills.

June Holley has been weaving networks, helping others weave networks and writing about networks for over 40 years. She is currently increasing her capacity to capture learning and innovations from the field and sharing what she discovers through blog posts, occasional virtual sessions and a forthcoming book. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and weaving experience, June!
    I like when you talk about fractals (at about 15 minutes in the interview): microprocesses that may teach us something about patterns on the level of the whole.

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