Network Concept Cards

Network Concept Cards

The Network Concept Cards were designed for an international Children and Nature Network conference to quickly share essential aspects of network building in social movements. Each card has a description of a network concept. A question is included on each card to awaken aspects of networks that we often already know from our own lives – sometimes through powerful or life-changing experiences. 

To make sharing the cards lively and interactive, we have designed an activity similar to trading baseball cards at the conference. Eight identical cards (for example: eight cards titled “social movements”) were placed on the chairs of the participants before the plenary. In order to get the full deck of cards 1-8, conference participants needed to find and meet in pairs with people with different cards. The pairs shared the network concepts and responses to questions on their cards and then traded cards for one they needed to make up the full deck of cards 1-8. 

Over recent years, the Network Concept Cards have been used as icebreakers and other learning experiences involving working in pairs. The cards have also been used to weave a narrative for an interactive presentation on movement networks.


Brought to you by the San Francisco Bay Area Children in Nature Collaborative; based on An Introduction to Network Weaving by June Holley; and designed by MIG, Inc.