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The Network Weaver Consultants Network is a loosely affiliated group of consultants who provide a wide range of network services for organizations, networks and communities. Some of the consultants have taken a 5-month intensive practicum on network consulting led by June Holley and Kristin Johnstad.

However, there is no vetting process for this page: anyone who has experience can put their name on this site. Make sure you contact the consultants directly to access more detail about their experience, interests and availability.

The map below shows the Network Weaver Consultants and Services.  Click and hold on a consultant’s node to focus on who they’re affiliated with and what service they provide, click and hold on a service node to focus on which of the consultants provides that service.

Keep scrolling past the map for the consultants’ bios.

Shakira Hall Louimarre

Shakira Hall Louimarre is a chaplain, higher education administrator and facilitator, committed to developing and cultivating relationships. She connects people, communities and ideas around issues of justice and equity. Shakira…

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Emily Carroll

Dr. Emily Carroll is the President and Managing Partner of Janus Analytics, LLC. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science with an emphasis in Public Policy from Southern Illinois University…

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Sami Berger

Sami’s practice focuses on developing and implementing learning strategies within networks, collaborative initiatives, government agencies, and non-profit organizations that are striving to make a positive difference in their communities. Since…

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Blythe Butler

Blythe’s practice focuses on change management, evaluation, and capacity building to support the development of adaptive learning cultures within organizations and collaboratives.  Her current work is focused on the development…

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Matt Birkhold

Matt Birkhold is founder of Visionary Organizing Lab, an educational laboratory that supports people to experiment with building new economic practices, building beloved communities, and developing a sense of themselves as creators of…

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Purvi Shah

Purvi Shah inspires changes as a consultant on gender, racial, and economic equity. As an anti-violence advocate, trainer, grassroots researcher, and facilitator committed to opening space for transformation, she delights…

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Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Deborah Elizabeth Finn works with mission-based organizations as a network weaver, capacity builder,  technical assistance provider, and nonprofit technology strategist. She holds degrees from Bennington College and Harvard University.Deborah is…

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