Shakira Hall Louimarre

Shakira Hall Louimarre

Shakira Hall Louimarre is a chaplain, higher education administrator and facilitator, committed to developing and cultivating relationships. She connects people, communities and ideas around issues of justice and equity.

Shakira most recently served as CPE chaplain at the RSMC Women’s Correctional Facility at Rikers Island, as well as the Fortune Society re-entry program. Her guiding principles include an attitude of curiosity in the face of challenges and conflict, collaborative and non-hierarchical models of leadership and approaching difference and diversity as a springboard of creative action.

Shakira co-authored the chapter Critical Social Dialogues and Reflecting in Action in ‘Reflection in Action: a Guidebook for Student Affairs Professionals’ (Stylus,2013), the 2nd in a series on engaged research and practice of social justice in higher education.

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