Lisa Trocchia

Lisa Trocchia

Dr. Lisa Trocchia is Associate Faculty at Prescott College where she designs curricula and teaches in the Sustainable Food Systems graduate program, one that situates the study of food systems and theories of change in a complexity context.

As a critical food systems scholar, she is interested in the spaces where food and social change intersect. Her primary academic focus is exploring the social ecology of food. She researches and writes about the diverse economies of food systems, the performance of food, and examines the self-organized social networks within community-based food systems as sites of radical and transformative change.

With over 20 years-experience engaging and facilitating groups with grassroots, asset-based sustainable community development strategies, Lisa is now a national network facilitator with the Wellbeing and Equity Bridging (WEB) network, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She is affiliated with the international Network Weaver Consultants Network as a food systems consultant and is active with the Food Systems Leadership Network, a national community of practice. 

Recent projects include facilitating the organization, growth, and development of an international staple food network and similar work for the Athens (Ohio) food policy network.