Pedro Portela

Pedro Portela

Pedro Portela was born and raised in Porto, Portugal where he studied mechanical engineering. After almost a decade in the aerospace sector working as COO and systems engineer, he quit his job and started a journey of personal transformation that initiated with a permaculture design course. He spent 4 years self-educating himself in complex systems science and network science. He’s an alumni of the Schumacher College (UK) Leadership and Facilitation Course (class of 2016)

He’s the Founder of the Hivemind Institute, a think tank and action research organization in Portugal dedicated exclusively to prototype new models of local organization, advocating for more systems literacy and proposing networked approaches to complex social problems.

He’s been involved as a consultant in Peace building and Conflict Transformation initiatives in Africa where he organizes workshops on Network leadership and is deploying innovative technology to promote network thinking among youth civil society leaders.   

What we can offer: 

Expertise in systems and network mapping using Kumu, Graphcommons and custom made analysis software. 

Together with a team of software developers we can take on challenging network projects by designing, developing and launching web and mobile apps based in Neo4j graph databases.    

We also offer workshops  in complexity science and regular consultancy in networked systems. 

With our partners we offer online graphic recording and facilitation, explainer videos and are happy to cater to your complex systems visualization needs. 

How to reach us: