Carole Martin

Carole Martin

Network Education, Development and Evaluation Services

  • Is network leadership a skill set that you and your community hope to cultivate?
  • Are you interested in better understanding or evaluating the connections between leaders or community members to leverage existing social capital?
  • Would you like to identify practical ways for network participants to establish or improve relationships, share resources and communicate effectively to address an issue, act on an idea, or accelerate a change initiative?
  • Are you considering utilizing a network strategy in your community building or grant making and evaluation process?

Whether you seek to develop new approaches to connecting people for a specific purpose or evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of an existing network, I can help you deepen knowledge and awareness and devise achievable strategies and action plans.


I listen deeply to you and tailor my work to your circumstances. I serve as a guide and a resource as you consider if the network approach is the right one for a specific purpose or as you seek to better understand which investments and impact measures can yield the most effective outcomes. I can coach you and others responsible for on-the-ground network development; I can also help you analyze the health of a network of which you are a part. To those ends, I:

  • Work with you to consider or develop network-based strategies to address specific social issues, even large or deeply entrenched, seemingly intractable ones.
  • Offer learning opportunities about how to utilize the power of networks to accomplish goals and cultivate effective collective decision making and deepen trust and understanding of the different roles needed in a network.
  • Utilize network visualization software to create maps so that you can “see” the connections between the people with whom you work, invest in, etc. Guided by what these maps reveal, I help you and others develop the strategies and skills needed to deepen the impact of collective efforts.
  • Facilitate design, intervention or problem-solving sessions on network-related topics.

Working collaboratively with you, I utilize one or a combination of methodologies: social network analysis, network building tools and techniques, asset mapping, storytelling and others. These methods are designed to support you in accomplishing important community outcomes. A combination of field-based experience and technology-based analysis with carefully researched theoretical underpinnings ensure that you are receiving the best support possible to advance your learning, skills and outcomes.

Carole Martin