Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis is a network trainer and movement chaplain who supports the creative re-imagining of sustainable communities and justice work. She provides Network Weaver trainings and coaching for groups interested in becoming system-shifting networks and facilitates communities of practice for network consultants and growing networks.

In addition, she serves as a process consultant to foundations and organizations shifting toward more liberatory and collaborative  work cultures. She leads virtual Black and POC-led storytelling circles and writing salons for groups involved in the creative work of healing, community building, and imagining a more just world.

Yasmin is a movement chaplain who provides spiritual accompaniment for grassroots activists and community members. She comes from a background of immigration, racial justice, and human rights work. She received her Master’s of Divinity in Social Ethics from Union Theological Seminary and her degrees in Journalism and International Affairs from the University of Georgia. She deeply loves liberating theology, community, and justice.


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