Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis

Yasmin Yonis is currently the program manager at Movement Netlab in New York where she supports a team of six facilitators in their training of six networks—5 networks working in the Chesapeake Bay region and a network of funders.

She is also the coordinator of the Old Money New System Community of Practice where she works to support the CoP in disrupting and transforming philanthropy through network building, running the #DisruptPhilanthropyNow! Blog, and hosting the annual OMNS retreat for funders and organizers.

Yasmin also supports networks in hiring, process, design, and facilitation so they can run smoothly and efficiently.

Yasmin is a writer and editor with a background in human rights, advocacy, foreign policy, immigration and refugee rights, and children’s rights issues. Most recently, she was a fellow at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and a Senior Associate at Human Rights Watch where she lobbied the Obama administration on its foreign policy.

She’s passionate about transforming systems by transforming people.Yasmin is currently a Master of Divinity student studying social ethics and pursuing prison re-entry chaplaincy. She is a 2010 Truman Scholar and holds bachelor degrees in journalism and international affairs from the University of Georgia.


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