Bruce Hoppe

Bruce Hoppe

Bruce Hoppe, PhD, founder and president of Connective Associates, is an experienced consultant with a passion for customer service and translating data into bottom line impact. A creative problem solver for 20+ years, he has focused on helping organizations to optimize insight and impact in networks of leaders, customers, and stakeholders.

Dr. Hoppe’s consulting and coaching services include network mapping and analysis, network development, network evaluation, and network and communication ecosystems. Many of Dr. Hoppe’s most notable projects involve catalyzing collective awareness and action.

With Claire Reinelt, Dr. Hoppe co-authored “Social Network Analysis and the Evaluation of Leadership Networks,” which was published in Leadership Quarterly in 2010 and subsequently recognized as a significant contribution to leadership research from the past 25 years.

Dr. Hoppe combines deep technical understanding with a passion for humanism. He was a professor of Operations Research at Rice University. He started blogging about the dangers of big tech in 2006, after creating the first Web Science curriculum for Boston University. He deactivated his Facebook account in 2018. He has founded a successful community arts nonprofit, a grassroots music festival, and numerous international collaborative innovation networks for foundations, businesses, and higher education.

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