Bill Richmond

Bill Richmond

My work with networks comes out of my experiences as a classroom teacher and working inside large educational bureaucracies. I believe that the power of networks comes from the idea that we are all leaders and everyone is a peer.   

With this in mind, I enjoy working collaboratively to find simple and meaningful solutions to complex problems.  Most of work has been centered on network mapping and network training.

My network mapping experience includes developing surveys, using network mapping software, map generation and analysis, coordinating mapping projects, giving presentations on maps and metrics, and training others to do network mapping and analysis. 

Some examples of my work include:

  • Bringing network mapping to a live event to capture networks in action by using hand drawn mapping to visualize the network and to collect data for future computer generated maps
  • Working with a number of networks to complete successful mapping projects to ensure the maps and data collected inform future actions to build and strengthen their networks
  • Working with Johnstad and Associates to provide a multi-event training and evaluation project to a statewide Extension network