Janne K. Flisrand

Janne K. Flisrand

My own work makes cities great places for the people who live there. I work so everyone has a secure home, for streets that put people first, and to stop climate change. I’m trained as an applied urban anthropologist, a field focused on understanding and amplifying other people’s voices. Since 2004, I’ve designed and led networks that lift up member’s power.

I mix and match resources to make positive change. With Minnesota Green Communities, a state-wide green affordable housing initiative, I plotted our path towards a green rehab standard. My task force process addressed the concerns of funders, engineers, and energy professionals. Together, they crafted an affordable, healthy, buildable set of expectations. We’ll scale up your network’s impact, whether you need big-picture thinking to get a jumpstart, or small design details to make the most of every interaction.

Designing (or redesigning) a network to fit your challenge and constraints is my art.  I led the national Network for Energy, Water and Health in Affordable Housing (NEWHAB) through its launch. I outlined and built governance systems, remote communication tools, and learning structures. Together, we’ll shape a plan for the change you are working for.

Activating every network member’s interests and expertise takes skill. As a founder of Our Streets Minneapolis in 2009, my role was turning supporters into active, self-powered volunteers. There, I honed activities that unleash people’s powerful ideas. As an example, volunteers create a coloring sheet as a political tool; neighbors at the local brewery drew their vision for a great space to replace the scary street out the front door. These tools and tactics  foster greater commitment accomplishing shared goals.