Jannik Kaiser

Jannik Kaiser

Jannik Kaiser is co-founder of Unity Effect, where he is leading the area of Systemic Impact. His desire to co-create systemic social change led him down the rabbit holes of complexity science, human sense-making (e.g. phenomenology), asking big questions (just ask “why” often enough…) and personal healing. Having worked in the NGO sector, academia and now social entrepreneurship, his most formational professional experiences were: 

  • Co-initiating a lively community center that provides a safe and encouraging space for people to connect, share and initiate ideas. 
  • Working in impact monitoring, evaluation and organizational learning in different roles and organisations, for example at Fairtrade International or as independent consultant. 
  • Teaching at universities, e.g. on “Leading in Complexity” 
  • Engaging actively in communities such as Theory U, nonviolent communication, Teal and Art of Hosting. 

His current passion and ambitions include: 

  • Blogging and writing, for example about the “Art of Measuring Change”, with the desire to contribute to a fundamental shift in how impact evaluation is being approached and done. 
  • Developing item libraries and hands-on tools to evaluate inner shifts – the (subtle) changes in mindset occurring in individuals, teams and networks. 
  • Project coordination and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes (yes, that’s a weird one as passion, but it’s true). 

You can reach Jannik under: jannik@unityeffect 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jannik-kaiser-077950114/ 

Unity Effect is an international and for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany. It’s purpose is leading change from the inside-out, believing in the power of every individual and team to lead and inspire change. Through its services Unity Effect guides leaders, change agents, teams and organisations on their path to develop the clarity, capacities, mindset and methods which enable deliberate action

A key ingredient for this is to create experiential learning environments and equip participants with practical tools – all to create meaningful change and to bring more humanness into the equation. 

Specific offers are: 

  • Guided and certified online programs (such as the Leadership Journey). 
  • Conceptualising interactive and engaging (online) experiences for other organisations, such as for conferences or capacity development programs. 
  • Strategic consultancy for networks 
  • Systemic impact measurement. 

Further information about our services and team at: https://unityeffect.net/

Or send an email to: info@unityeffect.net