Ammie Kae Brooks

Ammie Kae Brooks


Ammie Kae, co-founder of Fluff, a digital marketing startup, is a licensed Social Worker and Clinical Therapist in the Chicagoland area. She currently sees clients both one-on-one and in group settings for therapy, and works as a Lead Designer and Brand Strategist: digitally growing small businesses. Additionally, Ammie Kae is certified at the Masters level in Nonprofit Administration.

She has worked with organizations, such as Goodwill and the Department of Education’s Title IX Office to write curriculum, implement and evaluate programming, as well as complete data analysis to make applicable recommendations for the future. 

 She focuses primarily on programs that empower Black and Brown communities and individuals. Specifically those experiencing racial discrimination, sexual violence, food or housing insecurity, and disparities in formative education.

She is excited to come alongside organizations building resilience in communities of color, as well as working to destigmatize inaccurate and dangerous narratives about them. She has accomplished this by enforcing trauma informed research, achieving restorative justice practices, and uplifting indigenous forms of healing from various trauma.

Ammie Kae’s passion for marginalized communities and background in social work married with her expertise in small business analytics and growth, she is the ideal candidate to offer optimal, rounded consultation to socially focused startups, nonprofits, businesses, and projects.