Curtis Ogden

Curtis Ogden

Curtis Ogden is a Senior Associate at the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC). Much of his work entails consulting with multi-stakeholder networks to strengthen and transform food, education, public health, and economic systems at local, state, regional, and national levels. He has worked with networks to launch and evolve through various stages of development.

Some of his current and past clients include: Food Solutions New England, Vermont Farm to Plate Network, InFACT at Ohio State, Partnership for the Future of Learning, New Technology Network, Next Generation Learning Challenges, Cancer Free Economy Network, Collaborative Action Newark, Community Practitioners Network (New Hampshire), and CareerSTAT/National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

In supporting these networks and change efforts, Curtis provides the following services:

  • Collaborative process design
  • Complex facilitation
  • Coaching on: 
    • Network leadership, structure and strategy 
    • Systems thinking 
    • Embracing equity
  • Training: 
    • Collaborative leadership 
    • Network leadership and approaches 
    • Embracing equity
  • Network assessment – surveys and (in partnership with colleagues) network mapping

Curtis writes regularly about networks and social change at In addition to his work at IISC, Curtis is on the Advisory Board of EmbraceRace, a member of the Research Alliance for Regenerative Economics (RARE) and the Emerging Networks Governance Initiative (ENGI) and shares the Thomas W. Haas Professorship in Sustainable Food Systems at the University of New Hampshire were he is engaged in scholarship on the intersection of networks and equity.

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