Thea LaGrou

Thea LaGrou

By identifying story threads and patterns we weave the world around us. Not only do our stories connect us – they define our perceptions and shape our behavior. Stories frame our future.

Fascinated by systems architecture and the stories that network mapping conveys, Thea applies her experience as a cross-disciplinary “creative entrepreneur” to network communications, digital storytelling, systems analysis and sense-making. Weaving between diverse networks, she creates virtual learning journeys, presentations on the concept and value of social system mapping, and evaluates network weaving approaches, resources, and tools to enhance network cultures and the discovery of emerging trends. Driven by curiosity and imagination, she supports clients seeking creative opportunities to expand their network’s potential.

As a consultant and impact strategist, Thea conveys key insight and deliverable solutions for content producers, mission-driven organizations, and networked movements. Author, speaker, media strategist and event producer – she specializes in crafting experiences that harness the shifting nuances of cultural engagement. She is a story-weaver who brings communities together to unearth their collective intelligence – inspiring meaningful collaboration around the common good.

As Founding Director at Compathos Foundation and Films for the Planet, Thea facilitates a global collective of artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs working in the social and environmental sectors while creating online platforms with media-rich learning environments and on-demand content. She also produces impact reports using data visualization to document how large-scale film campaigns with multi-stakeholder engagement affect whole systems transformation.

Working closely with “networks of networks” such as the Charter for Compassion, Synergized Impact Network Exchange, Regenerative Consciousness Community, What Now?!, Edmund Hillary Fellowship, and Buckminster Fuller Design Science Studio, Thea thrives in diverse network leadership and creative capacities.