MaryAnn Martinez

MaryAnn Martinez


MaryAnn Martinez is a non-profit director and interdisciplinary food systems scholar, currently a PhD candidate at Antioch Graduate School of Leadership and Change. MaryAnn’s current academic research is focused on an emergent hunger prevention network during Covid-19. In addition, MaryAnn also brings years of expertise as a consultant for non-profit and local government around childhood nutrition, substance abuse prevention, and other social issues, as well as practical experience as a vegetable and livestock farmer, in both for-profit and social enterprises.

MaryAnn’s primary consultation focus is on network and social system mapping of people, communities and ideas to ignite discussion around issues of local and regional food systems, food insecurity, food justice and equity.

When MaryAnn is not engaged in growing food and networks she can usually be found running in the woods, playing scrabble, or hanging out with family, friends, and pets.

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