Matt Birkhold

Matt Birkhold

Matt Birkhold is founder of Visionary Organizing Lab, an educational laboratory that supports people to experiment with building new economic practices, building beloved communities, and developing a sense of themselves as creators of history. Matt’s work focuses on the relationships between issues, people, and processes, the way those relationships shape individual people, and the way they constitute a larger system.

Connecting people with their creative capacity to shape the world, his work fosters organizing around critical connections at sites of interdependence and facilitates personal, social, political, and economic transformations.

By creating processes where people come to recognize the interdependent nature of the world, his work creates space for people to recognize the contributions they make to the world and make them intentionally.

He has a PhD is historical sociology, lives in Washington DC, and is author of the forthcoming book, Change is Coming: Lessons from Detroit’s Black Power Movement for Organizing during a Period of Systemic Transition.


twitter : or @birklyn1.