Sara Shapiro-Plevan

Sara Shapiro-Plevan

Sara Shapiro-Plevan is all about relationships. Her essential focus: understanding the way relationships influence our ability to improve our practice, understand our work, and engage effectively with others as we build sustainable networks, communities and workplaces.

Sara consults primarily with Jewish educational organizations, schools, congregations, and foundations to develop a networked, collaborative culture and approach to their practice in a variety of domains, supporting their alignment with vision.  

She believes powerfully in our human capacity for dialogue and partnership, and in that vein, supporting a shift from hierarchical structures to relational, flatter, networked relationships.

Sara is the founder of Rimonim Consulting and a doctoral candidate in the Davidson School at JTS, and her work and research aim to enable individuals, teams and communities to understand how they best work in relationship so that they might begin to shift their capacity to work in a productive, connected way to realize their–and their communities’–hopes and dreams.

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