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Enliven Social Ecosystems​​

Connecting the Dots for System Change — The first global gatheringof movement builders, network weavers, and social ecosystem catalyststo connect and practice meaning-making and choice-making together  — 12-Sept-202103.00pm – 06.00pm…

Communication Ecosystem

You can use the free handout in the Resources section to engage participants in your network in a process to help co-design your network’s communication ecosystem. [ap_spacing spacing_height="15px"]

Network Values Surveys Module

Having a group or network take a values survey raises awareness of the values and behaviors that enable networks to be system shifting or transformational.

This Network Values Module includes two web-based network values surveys, along with printable versions and a printable flyer of a list Network Values. (see description box below)

3 Level Networks

Three Level Networks for Transformation

Transformation or system shifting requires networks to be involved in networks of networks. This diagram and activity  is designed to help networks develop networks of networks to maximize their impact.


Innovation Asset Assessment

Network innovation is a key ingredient in system shifting networks. This is a survey you can use to assess just how innovative your network is.

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