Yes! We Rise Podcast: Weaving Powerful Networks in Communities

Yes! We Rise Podcast: Weaving Powerful Networks in Communities

The Yes! We Rise podcast features solutions-seekers, change-makers, and those creating a resilient future. We share stories and strategies to inspire action to build resilience and community transformation.

In this episode, Christine Muehlman Gyovai and June Holley discuss the importance of collaboration and how developing deep relationships can help networks flourish. June has been weaving networks, helping others strengthen and experiment within collaboratives, and writing about networks for over 40 years. June shares stories about her life in Ohio and explains how her roots in Appalachia have played a key role in her passion for developing, growing, and learning from networks. June explains the importance of synergy and how shifting our mindsets towards collaboration can help build stronger relationships and establish trust within groups. She provides insight into how networks can become stronger through listening to people, helping community members identify their passions, and utilize strengths to work together to improve communities.

Throughout this episode, June provides examples of how to form lasting relationships using her own insight from working with several communities across the globe, from indigenous groups to food-based collaboratives. With every story, you will learn how to build meaningful connections, create lasting equity, and learn how to self-organize to determine what strategies will work best for your network. 

Join us as June shares her experiences and ideas on how to grow networks that create impacts, how to self-organize and experiment, and build lasting relationships to create meaningful change. Welcome back to Yes! We Rise.

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Notable Quotes

“Every meeting that we have with other people needs to be a venue for helping us deepen relationships with each other.”

“The more we build community, the less we care about consumption.”


(6:48) Why networks are personally important to June

(15:25) How online connection is important to deepen global relationships

(21:51) Effective ways people are networking across the globe today

(34:05) The connection between building community and building networks

Christine Muehlman Gyovai is the Principal of Dialogue + Design Associates, host of the Yes! We Rise podcast, and has over twenty years of experience in creating community transformation and resilience. 

Christine’s on a mission to help community members envision a more sustainable future and come together to make that vision a reality.  She’s a firm believer that community members are the best guides and advisors for their own lives, and that real change grows out of the local ideas of local leaders. 

June Holley has been weaving networks, helping others weave networks and writing about networks for over 40 years. She is currently increasing her capacity to capture learning and innovations from the field and sharing what she discovers through blog posts, occasional virtual sessions and a forthcoming book.

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