A Dialogue: How Impact & Evaluation are Shifting

A Dialogue: How Impact & Evaluation are Shifting

A lively dialogue between trailblazers in networks & systems change on how we can re-conceptualize our approach to evaluation & impact

We all know we’re doing it wrong. Creating outcomes that don’t capture the richness and complexity of the context. Extracting data to report to those who have the most power but the least skin in the game. Trying to predict an unpredictable future.

This session will bring together some great minds to engage in a participatory discussion on how impact evaluation is shifting. We’ll look at questions like who is doing the evaluation and why, what data we are and are not collecting, and how the analysis is and isn’t being used for the benefit of those who have a stake. We’ll also explore how we might start moving from top-down to participatory processes, predictable data to unpredictable outcomes, project-based approaches to systems thinking, and extraction-based assessment to shared learning and action.

The super impressive line-up includes:

Hosted & facilitated by Brendon Johnson, inHive

Wed, November 10, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST