Gratitude to the Network Weavers

Gratitude to the Network Weavers

My name is Adrian. I have practiced network weaving for about two years now and it has been such an adventurous journey so far. Being involved in social transformation and the vibrant communities that drive it really brings me alive. Yet, I am often very serious about the change I want to see in the world, because, let’s be honest, it is really urgent to make a difference.

Sometimes that seriousness becomes too much for me and I need to balance it. Art is one of the ways, with which I may go beyond strategies and planning. I connect to the feelings that move me such as excitement, grief and joy. Poetry has the power to condense these feelings and my experiences and cut to their core.

Sharing this poem  “Gratitude to the Network Weavers” with you who are practicing the art of weaving networks is an honor for me. The poem speaks of my deep sense of connection to our community of practice and my gratitude for all the learnings we go through and openly share. 

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featured image by:  Federico Bottos