Organize in Changing the World Together

Organize in Changing the World Together

Are you tired of Slack and Facebook? Have a discussion space like Mighty Networks but no one comes? Want to support network weaving or self-organizing, but the tools fail you?

Then join June Holley and Ari Sahagún on September 8th to explore and help co-design Acter, a platform specifically designed for and with networks (and networks of networks) working on social change.  During the session you will have a chance to learn basic network weaving strategies that make online spaces come alive. During the coming months you will have several opportunities to co-design new features of Acter, while trying out network weaving practices — all at no cost to you.

We know that a tool alone won’t be able to get the job done of network weaving – that’s why we’re pairing practice sessions on weaving and self-organizing with a tool built to learn how to support these person-to-person interactions.  We want to enable more and better relationships within networks – for collaboration, sharing thought partnership, and just getting to know each other.

We want to invite you to learn about online network weaving while co-creating a useful space for exactly that. On September 8 (8 am pst, 12 pm eastern, 6 pm cet) we’re offering a one hour interactive exploration of the platform where you can complete a profile, connect to others with similar interests and set up a group space around a topic you’re interested in.

You will get a chance to meet and work with June Holley, network weaver, and Ari Sahagún, movement network ecologist as well as Emil Vincentz and Janne Winther from Acter. 

Please sign up for the event through calendly HERE

Acter can help you find others interested in some of the same things you care about, then easily set up a group space where you can invite others to join. In the next two months, we will be asking you to co-design these learning and work spaces so they meet your network’s needs. We will also be inviting you to help Acter develop an expanded list of ”hot topics” so you can better find other people through maps showing connections among people interested in that topic. 

“At long last, a platform designed just for networks and networks of networks! I have been working with the talented team now for months and I am impressed.” 

June Holley

If you want to know more about Acter you can watch our short introduction video below:

A slide show with even more detail is HERE. 

We are a tech startup based in Aarhus, Denmark. We are working for purpose and impact, not profit. Any profit we make we reinvest in accordance with the four Cs – company, co-workers, customers, and community. We have a diverse team of people, some are entrepreneurs, researchers, chaos pilots, software engineers, students, artists, activists. We are a relatively young team working to make digital tools assets in creating a regenerative world.

Acter is already working with ReGeneration 2030, DANUBE Youth Network, United Nations Youth Association, Aarhus Municipality among others. 

In addition to co-designers, Acter is looking for partners/funders, who are willing to help underwrite the cost of continued development.

Also, if you might be interested in developing a customized site for your grantees or networks, please contact Emil Vincentz at

Comparison Chart

Platform participants are involved in co-designing the siteNoNoYes
People’s profiles help them find others interested in learning or working on a similar topicProfiles not flexible or usefulNo useful profile systemProfiles already have focus, approach and hashtags as part of profiles
*Working on more (and you can help co-design) detailed profiling around mutual exchange of skill building, hot topics, etc
Profiles are used to create network mapsNoNoIn development: working on instant network maps (both geographic and interest clusters identified by profiles, maybe emerging themes in the future)
Support for collaborative projectsMinimalConfusingEasy to move from cluster to workspace for projects;  workspace will soon have links to google docs, zoom, library
People can join as part of an organization and part of multiple networks as well as individualDoesn’t have this capacityDoes not haveCurrently being developed
Network Weaving training and practice groups are integrated into the siteNoNoCurrently being developed; will be available to the Intro Group
Create and share activities across multiple groups and networksNoNoCurrently being developed
Connect across multiple groups, organisations and networksNoNoCurrently being developed
Provide all participants with a set of metrics about the siteOnly adminNoCurrently being developed

Please sign up for the event through calendly HERE

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