Stepping Into Systems Series


Get started on your systems learning journey with the Stepping Into Systems series, covering fundamental systems change topics and concepts.

offered by School of Systems Change



Stepping into Systems is our introductory series to systems change, covering fundamental topics and concepts that are continuously evolving from multiple ways of knowing and being: What are systems and what is systems change?; The importance of systemic worldviews; and Working systemically for transformation. This series has been informed by practitioners from diverse lineages from around the globe to honour the multiplicity of systems practice, and has been created in partnership with Glider.
In October 2023, we hosted online sessions with wonderful co-hosts and practitioners in the field as we dived into each film. To help you get started on your systems learning journey, watch the three films and reflect on your learning through the accompanying worksheets. If you wish to use the videos and worksheets in your work to help others understand systems change, we invite you to share how you might use the resources with the School team at
  access the series at the Schools of Systems Change directly HERE


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