From Learning to Doing


A brief slide presentation on how to create shared experience in a community to initiate actionable change.

Offered by Cindee Karns


Without shared experiences, learning communities often talk past each other.  Inevitably there is a judgement on one side or the other.  Each learner brings his/her own experiences to a conversation and uses those unique experiences to make sense of things.  Coming together as a learning community to sort through what we understood from something new that is introduced to us is sometimes very frustrating because of all the different experiences brought to the table.  To help with that issue in almost any learning community, you can initiate a common experience/action for all participants.  When an action is experienced together, suddenly there is more justice in the conversation.  The playing field is leveled and the real conversation can begin.

This is a depiction of how that process can be set up for any learning community.  The condition is that the learning spiral never ends….every round goes higher, higher.  The outcome is that participants almost always feel like they can act on their new knowledge and continue the learning cycle on their own.


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